FIWARE for Industry Catalogue

FITMAN has developed a set of software assets called FITMAN Specific Enablers (SE), addressing needs and requirements specific to the manufacturing area. These assets are based on already available Open Source solutions or developed within European research projects. For each SE are delivered the open specification together with a technical implementation. The total number of Specific Enabler developed in FITMAN is 15, and they all have been tested and evaluated in multiple FITMAN trials, offering coverage of a wide range of domains within IT for manufacturing, i.e. management of virtualised assets, dynamic complex event processing, and semantic matching.

Given its nature and the functionality implemented, the 15 Specific Enablers have been classified into three domains covered by the Factories of the Future (FoF), Smart, Digital and Virtual.

A brief description of each of the FIWARE Enablers and their classification is presented in the following factory domains: