Two full years of research, development and experimentation with Smart, Digital and Virtual Platforms in the real-world context of our ten industrial-led Trials granted us a wealth of practical knowledge on Future Internet technologies applied to manufacturing. Moreover, new partners joining the consortium by way of FITMAN’s Open Call recently contributed additional Specific Enablers that significantly enriched our IT toolbox. On these grounds, after we completed the final consolidation of our Trial sites, we felt the need to take one more step forward: lessons learned, together with new and enhanced IT components, converged into a new generation (NG) of FITMAN Platforms.

With respect to the current FITMAN’s Smart / Digital / Virtual Platforms, which are architectural blueprints for the development of ad-hoc systems, each of our three NG Platforms is a working solution addressing, in a generic but customizable way, typical needs of its corresponding domain. Like their predecessors, the NG Platforms are strongly Future Internet-oriented: deployed on the Cloud and exploitable “as-a-Service”, they provide a baseline set of enabling functionality to applications.

The 3D Printing Data Management Platform (3D-PDM) targets Smart and Digital Factories alike. It is aimed at proactive monitoring and quality control in the scope of industrial 3D printing processes.

The Collaborative Product Development Platform (CPD) targets Digital Factories. It is an environment for the online team-sharing of digital assets (e.g., 3D models, visual sketches, etc.) during the design phases of new products and services.

The Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform  (EBC) targets Virtual Factories. It supports business ecosystems and virtual enterprises in several of their activities, like tangible and intangible assets management, partner selection and document exchange.

The three FITMAN NG Platforms are available on the Cloud, on request, for the experimentation of new advanced services for manufacturing. All the instances are populated with real-world data from FITMAN Trials. If you are a FI-PPP Phase III sub-grantee and you wish to run your own experiment on top of one of our NG Platforms, you can apply by contacting Mauro Isaja –