Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform

What you get

The FITMAN “Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform” is a web-platform aiming at supporting the management of companies Tangible and Intangible assets, the selection of partners based on the services and the availability offered by the assets and the collaboration in that phase supported by a set of extensible and incremental interoperability services managing the necessary business documents.
The platforms targets the Virtual Factory domain including business ecosystems, networked enterprises or simple supply/Value chains.
It is based on four Enablers (FIWARE Generic and FITMAN Specific) integrated and delivered as a virtual machine instance per network by cloud in order to maximize its collaborative/interoperable nature.

Why to get it

The interoperability is a key factor for the success in collaboration. In order to answer to a Business Opportunity (eg: Call for Tender) companies need to create Virtual Enterprises inside the network of possible partners including the key actors and, of course, the business side should be agreed among them. Barriers in this phase are huge; few or no information about partners assets and their availability, mismatches in the description of assets, non-efficient business communication tools and different business documents formats are some of examples of inefficiencies factors.

The FITMAN “Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform” platform provides a set of tools and Graphic User Interfaces in order to overcome the previously mentioned barriers supporting the assets description, sharing and their involvement by applications supported by collaboration tools and interoperability services.


Preface This document is the Open Specification of the FITMAN "Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform" that is released as Virtual Machine and composed by the integration and expansion of four components coming from FIWARE Generic Enablers Catalogue and FITMAN Specific Enablers Catalogue.Specific Enabler (FITMAN-DIPS). FITMAN Open Specifications of the “Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform” are released under the same terms and conditions of FI-WARE Open Specifications - see FI-WARE Open Specification Legal Notice (essential patents license) and FI-WARE Open Specification Legal Notice (implicit patents license). For more information in the FITMAN project itself, please refer to the FITMAN website.
Copyright Platform and integration components: Copyright © 2015 TXT e-solutions S.p.AAbout Generic and Specific Enablers please refers to the ”Terms and Conditions” section.
Overview The FITMAN "Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform" is a web-based, integrated platform for the management and business agreement about Tangible/Intangible assets of manufacturing companies. Both kind of assets are managed by a set of Graphic User Interfaces allowing a wide set of features. First of all the CAM module provides basic functionalities to allow the user to insert, edit, delete and search assets. The interoperability among assets about description and categorization is assured by a domain manufacturing taxonomy. On top of those assets a set of additional applications are available. The SCApp module focuses on two application on top of the search on assets exposed as a service: Production Planning and Team Building. Team building allows to find the skills owned by people in companies and exposed as a service and creating a team of experts responding to the desired needs. Production planning allows to do business collaboration (usually after the reception of a business opportunity) searching for partners having a machinery able to do some services (eg: cutting a specific type of textile or cutting with an error of +- 1 μm) and so composing the right network/value/Supply chain. Both tools allows human collaboration on top of Intangible (people skills) and tangible (machineries) assets managing technical and business discussions in Virtual Rooms and generating/sharing the properly associated business documents. Interoperability on business documents is assured by the DIPS component; in fact SCApp applications are natively exchanging UBL2.0 business documents like request for quotation, quotations, orders, etc. DIPS allow to store, semantically describe and publish by a virtual endpoint format transformation. Registering a transformation in DIPS enables users of DIPS to export business documents in its own proprietary/standard format.
Detailed Architecture and Specification As visible in the following picture the FITMAN “Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform” is composed by four integrated components: FITMAN Specific Enabler "Data Interoperability Platform Services" Specific Enabler (FITMAN-DIPS) The FITMAN Specific Enabler "Collaborative Asset Management" Specific Enabler (FITMAN-CAM) The FI-WARE Generic Enabler “Repository” The FITMAN "Supply Chain & Business Ecosystem Apps" Specific Enabler (FITMAN-SCApp) In the picture below the overall architecture of the FITMAN "Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform" is reported. From the top is visible the user that can interacts with components Graphic User Interfaces in order to manage assets basic (FITMAN Specific Enabler CAM) and advanced/business (FITMAN Specific Enabler SCApp) functionalities. The user can also interact with FITMAN Specific Enabler DIPS in order to register format transformation services. Network assets are stored in the FIWARE Generic Enabler “Repository” and managed by the CAM components. The insertion can even be made automatic by a technical routine working on local company repositories. Using Repository and CAM basic APIs the SCApp components provides its own services. SCApp uses as well the DIPS endpoints to execute format transformations for managing business document interoperability. The call of DIPS services is not restricted just to SCApp but it is open to all technical services needing them.

Main features of FITMAN

Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform" are the following:
  • Assets storage
  • Assets basic functionalities
    • Assets registration
    • Assets editing
    • Assets delete
    • Search asset (simple search)
    • Search assets (advanced search)
  • Assets advanced functionalities
    • Team building
    • Partner Search
    • Production Partner search
    • Technical and Business agreement
    • Export business document
  • Business document Interoperability
    • Register service (semantic registration)
    • Search transformation service (semantic search)
    • Invoke transformation service by virtual endpoint
For more information about “Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform” components refers to the following addresses:

Terms and Conditions

Experimentation/testing within the scope of the FI-PPP TXT e-solutions FITMAN “Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform” asset is available to the Parties signed to the FI-PPP program under the conditions established in the FI-PPP Collaboration Agreement. External availability
  • TXT e-solutions FITMAN integration components of FITMAN “Enterprise Business Collaboration Platform” are released under LGPL license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-2.1.html);
  • TXT e-solutions FITMAN Specific Enabler “Data Interoperability Platform Services (FITMAN-DIPS)” asset is released under LGPL license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-2.1.html);
  • TXT e-solutions FITMAN Specific Enabler “Supply Chain & Business Ecosystem Apps” (FITMAN-SCApp) asset is released under LGPL license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-2.1.html).
  • Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA FITMAN Specific Enabler "Collaborative Asset Management" (FITMAN-CAM) is released under an Apache 2.0 license. CAM is based on several components, all open source but with different licensing styles:
    • Liferay Portal CE, from Liferay, Inc., has a LGPL v2.1 license. Liferay Portal CE, is distributed unmodified; as such, its license model does not affect the license of the final product - i.e., FITMAN-CAM - on which the Apache 2.0 licensing terms apply.
    • Sesame 2, from org, is distributed under a BSD-style license.
    • The FI-WARE Marketplace Generic Enabler, an open source initiative from SAP AG, is distributed under a BSD-style license.
    • The FI-WARE Repository Generic Enabler, another open source initiative from SAP AG, is also distributed under a BSD-style license.
  • Software associated to the Repository - SAP RI (Reference Implementation) is provided as open source under the 3-clause BSD License, which allows maximum reuse, contribution and the freedom of commercialization by 3rd parties. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD_licenses#3-clause_license_.28.22Revised_BSD_License.22.2C_.22New_BSD_License.22.2C_or_.22Modified_BSD_License.22.29. Please check the specific terms and conditions linked to the open source license at https://github.com/service-business-framework/Repository-RI/blob/master/license.txt.