FIWARE Enablers for Digital Factories

There are four FIWARE Enablers that offer new capabilities for the front end and back end of digital factories. These Enablers are: The Collaborative 3D Web Viewer (C3WV SE), which supports functionality for remote collaboration and synchronized visualization of 3D components in the web browser. Inside the Digital reference platform provides specific support to management of 3D information, with a specific 3D Scan SE, which allows developers to effectively visualize (front-end) and manage and store (back-end) 3D information such as point clouds, STL or color mapping files. CAD or more 3D complex information representation, such as JTI files can be managed with the support of C3WV SE. The back-end capabilities for data analysis and subscription are extended by specific enables. Enhanced semantic middleware support is provided by the Semantic Mediator (SedMed SE), which fully supports a semantic representation and adaptation of heterogeneous data sources The analysis of structured and unstructured data is enhanced with specific social network source analysis, which is supported by the Unstructured and Social Data Analytics SE (Anlizer SE).