FIWARE Enablers for Virtual Factories

There are seven FIWARE Enablers in the Virtual Domain. The business process collaboration is based on the SE Collaborative Business Process Management (CBPM) that allows to model and to execute collaborative business processes. The modeling of business processes is supported by this Enabler supporting business people in creating the desired process just by drag and drop of pre-created pieces of business processes. The collaboration on top of business process implies enterprise interoperability problems; for example in relation with business documents formats. The scenario is supported by two components collaborating together: the SE Metadata and Ontologies Semantic Matching (SEMA) supporting the user in visually create format transformations and the SE Data Interoperability Platform Services (DIPS) storing all the transformation created in order to allow re-usability (search, find, test and use). The Collaborative Asset Management (CAM) manages the basic user interaction with assets and the storage in the Marketplace. Assets can be inserted in the system manually or handles in automatic and semi-automatic mode by the Generation and Transformation of Virtualized Assets (GeToVa) providing batch functionalities to transform big sets of data (eg: Curriculum Vitae, companies profiles) in assets. The Enabler Management of Virtualised Assets (MoVa) provides advanced management functionalities on assets like the composition. Specific functionalities for team building creation on Intangible assets and sharing of machineries capacities among ecosystem partners on Tangible Assets are available by the SE Supply chain & Business Ecosystem Apps (SCApp).