3D Scanning Storage and Visualisation (3DScan)

SE description

The FITMAN 3DScan Specific Enabler is a component that assures the possibility of storing and visualizing precise scanned images obtained from real objects. The Specific Enabler provides, in this sense, a fast way of obtaining very accurate surface representations, the possibility to store them (together with other relevant data) and to visualize them in a clear and intuitive way. Both modules (Storage and Visualization) are conceived to be used together, although they can also be used independently. The Specific Enabler has two open source components: storage and visualization. Regarding the storage component, the location of storing the 3D files generated by the scanning system can be customized by the user. Correspondingly, the different ID of the file and its location will be placed in MySQL database. Concerning the visualization component, it offers a 3D viewer of high density/high resolution files consisting of millions of points in the format of Point clouds (txt) and Binary Mesh (stl). Therefore, it allows the user to see the results of the quality control represented graphically, and then the user can decide quickly about the analysed part.

Intuitive visualization of intermediate and final results

The 3D web viewer presents a great quantity of information graphically, which allows visualizing 3D Point Clouds as captured by the scanner, as well as the Mesh format with the comparison between the CAD Design and ideal model with the real produced part.

Easy use of the REST interface for integration

Both the visualization and the storage components comply with the RESTful API, which offers benefits of additional decoupling, so as to allow extreme scalability. The user need not be aware of internal implementation details, and integrate the enabler with the platform/language independence.

Flexible structure of the data storage

Store all the information generated by the system: clouds of points, metadata of the analysed part or of the process needed to produce this part, information related with the quality control of the part (tolerances, design, and rejection/acceptance criterion) and results in different formats.

Multiple collaboration with external services

The SE can work with 3Dscanning sensor, so that the big amount of 3D data produce by the scanned can be managed in a relational database or document database. Moreover, the enabler can support the results analysis system to achieve a high quality production.

Fitman webinar 2015 09-21 3D Scanning Storage and Visualization (3DScan)

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