AGUSTAWESTLAND: aeronautics manufacturer – Support for management of documentation in helicopter Final Assembly Line

Document management in the helicopter Final Assembly Line
Speed up searching data for helicopter logbook
Support Quality Staff activities
Facilitate documents flow down inside the organization

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Description of the trial

AW is worldwide leader in helicopters production. The AW Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Vergiate plant is the location in which the trial has been experimented. The FAL is the location in which helicopters are manufactured and it is responsible for creating processes that center around reliability and efficiency, both in the supply and management of materials and in guaranteeing the quality during the assembly and delivery to the final customer. In the FAL one of the more important aspects is related to the management and the traceability of documentation that are used to support the workers during helicopter manufacturing (e.g.: Assembly Helicopter Work card, List of Production Baseline, etc.), demonstrate the quality checks occurred (e.g.: Final Assembly and Inspection card, Final Assembly and Inspection record, etc.), trace modification arisen during production. The information provided in these documents is used to create the official documentation necessary to delivery helicopter (H/C logbook) as defined by aviation regulations and company policies. The AW Digital test case engenders measurable benefits in terms of save time because is the FITMAN application that is in charge to interface the different repositories where document are stored and search information according to user’s requests.

FITMAN AgustaWestland Digital Trial fact sheet

Innnovative service and functionalities

  • Support for management of documentation. Graphic user interface that aggregates and correlates data from different sources and display them to the user requiring them.

  • Improve the velocity and the simplicity in gathering data making the whole process easier and faster and allowing people to use time to do more important activities instead to looking for data.

  • Reduction of average time to make data available in a digital format. As a consequence, the users are alleviated by a tedious and repetitive job and can focus their activities and professionalism on quality and production issues.

  • Reduction of number of discrepancies between the analysed data from different sources and complied by different persons. To possible human error of transcription inside the Database of Quality Production for the Helicopter Logbook data compilation.

Impact & benefits

These are the two main results of the AW trial: 1) Reduction of average time. It refers to the reduction of time to search, copy or write data from different sources inside the Database used by Quality Production for the Logbook data compilation. Comparing AS-IS and TO-BE scenarios the measured reduction is about 45÷55%. 2) Average number discrepancy reduction. It refers to the reduction of average data discrepancies due to human errors in data transcriptions. Comparing AS-IS and TO-BE scenarios the measured reduction is about 25÷30%. This result is due to automation in searching the information, to the reduction of typing errors and to automatic consistency check that the system performs when searching for information.

Technical challenges

The GE (Generic Enabler) /SE (Specific Enabler) / TSC (Trial Specific Components) used to develop the Digital platform for the trial are: GE: PUB –SUB, GE: Application Mashup, GE mediator (client soap), SE: Metadata and Ontologies Semantic Matching, TSC db –SERVICE SOAP - GUI - Gadgets. Moreover the following Trial integration Components have been developed: DB (support DB for the results exposition display), Gadgets (for query/search), Client GUI, Db Quality Production. • Data Sources.

Business challenges

In the “as is” situation, the information is manually searched by users by consulting the documents stored in different repository and sources like: Interactive Electronic Technical Publication, company ERP, Helicopter Flight Planning, Manufacturing Execution System, etc.). The information found (N/C Helicopter, P/N & s/n Installed Components, Time limit, etc.) are then transcribed or copied into the Quality Production DB that is the starting point to prepare the Helicopter Logbook. This process executed manually is heavily time demanding and could introduce errors. The business objective is to reduce the time necessary to collect data and the trial relates to the possibility of provide users with a tool able to query different databases/sources automatically decreasing employees time spent and errors decreasing costs, improving quality and so saving money.

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END USER: Agusta Westland

AgustaWestland is leader in the global helicopter industry. It offers a wide commercial/military product range encompassing all main weight categories that can perform a full variety of missions such as offshore, passenger and VIP transport, air ambulance, law enforcement, SAR or utility missions. The advantage of this family of helicopters is that they share a common design approach, common parts, common training and the same maintenance philosophy. In the military sector, AgustaWestland has the most capable helicopters in production today for naval, attack, utility and combat SAR missions. Research and Development is an essential part of the business, and represents the Company’s commitment to improving existing products as well as to developing innovative solutions. AgustaWestland is particularly focused on providing customers with effective logistic and maintenance support to increase their operational capabilities, whilst reducing overall operating costs. The worldwide headcount at AgustaWestland exceeds 13,000, with major manufacturing facilities located in Italy, UK, Poland and USA. Revenues in 2013 stood at €4,076 million with a cumulative order backlog amounting to almost €12 million, and new orders worth €4,384 million.