Collaborative 3D Web Viewer (C3DWV)

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The FITMAN Collaborative 3D Web Viewer (FITMAN-C3DWV) is a framework for developing web applications in which elements in a virtual 3D scene can be arranged and enriched with metadata, such as annotations. Its main usage scenario is the collaborative exploration and construction of virtual 3D scenes in the Browser. It is collaborative in the sense that multiple users are able to see and interact with the same synchronized scene at the same time. It is modular and allows the assembling of customized applications with the building blocks of the framework. It provides means to easily extend the metadata model to accommodate a given usage scenario, adding new data, such as text annotations, to elements in the scene.

Cross platform 3D virtualization with WebGL

Visualize 3D virtual scenes directly in the Browser without plug-ins, on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop PCs alike.

Collaboration in 3D space

Annotate, move, or change objects in the virtual 3D scene in real-time and have all changes synchronized between all clients at all times.

Annotate 3D objects

Annotate every 3D object in the scene with text to share ideas and communicate with others.

Add custom data

Extend the basic application data-model with your own custom meta-data, following the Entity-Component Architecture, with only a few steps using JavaEE Maven

Fitman webinar 2015 09-21 Metadata and Ontologies Semantic Matching (SeMa)

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