Collaborative Asset Management (CAM)

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The FITMAN "Collaborative Asset Management" Specific Enabler(FITMAN-CAM) is a web-based, integrated platform for the management of Virtualized Assets in the scope of service-oriented Manufacturing Ecosystems. Based on open standards like Resource Description Framework (RDF), Web Ontology Language (OWL2) and Universal Service Description Language (LinkedUSDL), it is delivered as a web portal in order to maximize its collaborative nature. FITMAN-CAM is targeted to the business user, who is not required to have IT expertise, nor an in-depth knowledge of ontology-related concepts and technologies.

Virtualize real-world assets

The term “asset” represents any tangible or intangible item of value owned by an Enterprise. You virtualize an asset by describing it in terms of your own custom ontology (i.e., classes and properties), and storing its description in CAM's online repository.

Compose complex virtual assets from simpler ones

Group together multiple assets to represent more complex real-world concepts; e.g., manufacturing capabilities.

Advertise your assets as services available to third-parties

Attach conditions of use, pricing and availability to any virtualized asset that you own: you have published an Asset-as-a-Service offering to your Virtual Factory's marketplace.

Integrate with your Virtual Factory's network

Virtualized Assets and Asset-as-a-Service items in your public repository are easily accessible to external applications my means of a web API.

Fitman webinar 2015 06-16 Collaborative Asset Management (CAM)

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