CONSULGAL: construction – Efficient Collaborative Access to information

Improve accessibility to information and collaborative access for various stakeholders
Improve the methodology for performing test activities
Efficient track, trace and exchange of information between stakeholders regarding concrete samples and tests
Improve test results treatment and evaluation lifecycle

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Description of the trial

The main problem this trial is solving is the need of fast and efficient flow of information in a collaborative working environment involving multiple stakeholders. The trial addressed the necessity of workflow automation with a well-defined information management system to allow users of different roles to perform designated tasks. The trial solution thus also allows quick dissemination of information to stakeholders thus helping supervising entity to have quick access to data and make decisions where necessary. The main challenges that the trial has addressed is the integration of heterogeneous data collected from different tasks and different working environment into a centralized information management system and dissemination of data to supervising authority. It was also necessary to address the challenges of tracking and tracing of physical entities during the project work cycles; support for handheld and mobile devices; quick and almost real-time collection and dissemination of data; and generation of user specific workspaces to allow automated flow and control of project activities.

FITMAN Consulgal Trial fact sheet

Innnovative service and functionalities

  • A proven and advanced functionality for reliable and automated concrete control process

  • Faster decision making

  • Availability and faster access to information for our stakeholders

  • Real-time event notifications

  • A single point of contact for all the stakeholders

  • Cost savings due to paper reduction and time optimization.

  • More flexibility in the process and the ability to do data mining

Impact & benefits

CONSULGAL was able to reduce paper workload by 60%, to reduce the cost to perform/record/analyse the concrete test results by 70% and to improve stakeholders access to information by 99%, by using FITMAN technology for digital information management. An efficient platform who allows data exchange between stakeholders and time/cost reduction in the process are our priority. The trial results are as follows: 1. Average lead time to access the information relating to concrete characteristics and concreting plan (Reduced by 99%), 2. Average number of pages used in the test results recording/archival (Reduced by 60%), 3. Average lead time needed to perform and record the test results (Reduced by 75%), 4. Average lead time needed to analyse the test results (Reduced by 99%), 5. Time for data exchange between stakeholders (Reduced by 99%), 6. Average cost needed to perform and record the test result (Reduced by 75%), 7. Average cost needed to analyse the test result (Reduced by 66%)

Technical challenges

CONSULGAL Trial platform is an implementation of a Digital factory platform for supporting the supervision of the concreting operations that occur in the construction sector and is being tested and validated in different construction projects of CONSULGAL e.g. BAIXO SABOR DAM. The platform is used for generation of flexible workspaces for different users by making use of widgets providing different independent functionalities. Thus the trial platform supports access by users with different roles and customized workspace to have access to the designated tasks and/or information: Contractor, that is responsible for inputting information concerning the concreting operations; Supervisor that will approve / disapprove and keep track of all the processes that occur inside the work; Designer, that also provides information about the way the work was designed; and Laboratory that can provide information about the tests made to the concrete.

Business challenges

In the construction industry, the Concrete Control Process is used to measure and monitor the properties of concrete from the point of production to the point of delivery to ensure they are compliant with design specifications. Concrete handling and testing is an essential part of any construction project, as concrete is one of the components that ensures resistance and durability of any constructed item. The Concrete Control Process is applicable not only to the Consulgal trial but to the construction industry in general. CONSULGAL current process is slow, time consuming, involves a lot of paperwork and the circulation of information is very slow or delayed, meaning the information is made available much after the events that generated it. The major business objectives expected are: a) Access to information: quicker access to more detailed information and improvement on information processing; b) More efficient decision process: a quicker access to information and an improved information handling versatility, will allow decisions to be taken quicker and in a way that is known to all interested parties; and c) Have a closer relationship with all the stakeholders through enabling active, real-time participation.


The Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias (UNINOVA) Research Institute is a multidisciplinary, independent, and non-profit research institute employing around 180 persons, located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon. It was formed in 1986 by the Faculty of S&T of the University Nova de Lisboa (FCT-UNL -, a group of industrial associations, a financial holding, and up to 30 companies. It is an active partner of Madan Parque (, a business facilitator and accelerator, incubating Micro and SME’s through several layers of support to entrepreneurial activity. The main aim of UNINOVA is to pursue excellence in scientific research, technical development, advanced training and education. By working closely with industry and universities, technological innovations are transferred into profitable business concepts and, existing products further developed to match new industrial requirements. Due to its tight connection with the University and Madan Parque, UNINOVA has, since its foundation, hosted and supported the development several PhD thesis, as well as the creation of several successful spin-offs.


CONSULGAL is a Portuguese market-leading provider of engineering project management and environmental consultancy services with a strong international presence. CONSULGAL is the parent company of a group of companies with permanent links to international firms of great prestige, specialized in several areas and covering a wide range of complementary activities, namely, SISAQUA, MOTTCONSULT, MARMA and CARGOGAL. CONSULGAL has subsidiaries in Brazil, Macau, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Angola, Mozambique and Libya, and has carried out projects in other markets such as Poland, FYROM, Turkey, Cape Verde, São Tomé e Principe, among others.
In its activity, CONSULGAL covers a wide range of services in several areas, focusing particularly in multidisciplinary project teams coordination, providing a set of consultancy and management services to several entities, comprising economical and technical studies, consultancy, architecture and engineering design, project management, planning and works coordination and supervision, covering the whole range of Engineering fields and related subjects.