DynamicCEP (DyCEP)

SE description

DyCEP represents a new generation of CEP (Complex Event Processing) systems which support complex real-time processing pipelines, required for IoT applications. Our approach assumes several processing elements which are connected in the way that ensures maximal efficiency of the processing task. This infrastructure is based on the Storm - the architecture for real-time (streaming) data processing. It uses custom created "spouts" and "bolts" to define information sources and manipulations to allow real-time distributed processing of streaming data. DyCEP follows Storm architecture with spout and bolts. There is one spout for receiving data and three bolts for data processing. Two main functional blocks in the DyCEP are:
   • Esper4FastData, responsible for static processing that requires simple complex event patterns and shouldn’t scale
   • ESPER-1, responsible for complex situations and prepared for horizontal scaling (by being hosted in a bolt, so that several bolt instances can be generated on demand)
   • GCM bolt enables delivering notification to mobile phones who subscribe to the complex event patterns deployed in the DyCEP. The creation of the CEP patterns can be done in the manual way, or using a specialized mobile-based pattern editor provided by Nissatech.

Complex processing pipeline

DyCEP enables the definition of complex processing pipelines required for IOT use cases

Scalable real-time processing

DyCEP enables horizontal scaling of the processing capabilities, eliminating the limitation of traditional CEP systems

Dynamic customization of patterns

DyCEP support dynamic upload of new complex event patterns in order to support dynamic changes in the relevant context

Easy extension

DyCEP can be easily extended with new processing capability by adding new processing elements

Fitman webinar 2015 06-16 Dynamic CEP (DyCEP)

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