Dynamic Visualisation and Interaction (DyVisual)

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DyVisual is specialized on the dynamic visualization of 3D models and content described in XML3D (see www.xml3d.org). It also provides standard interaction mechanisms. It is for example possible to rotate the 3D model, zoom in and out, and even fly inside the model. The figure on the left displays the architecture of DyVisual. The core components of DyVisual are a Web server and the FiVES synchronization server. Together they allow access to the 3D models for multiple clients. In the first place these clients are Web browsers which render the html pages and 3D models provided by FiVES. Additional clients can directly connect to FiVES and update the information in the server which can result in changes in the 3D scene which are then displayed by the browser clients. If a user wants to implement his or her own application with DyVisual, he or she needs to dig into how to represent 3D content in XML3D and how to integrate it with FiVES.

3D Visualization

Interactive visualization of 3D content which is represented in XML3D (see xml3d.org)

Synchronized view

Synchronized views among clients


Multiple clients (standard Web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) viewing same content

Allows multiple formats

Player for Biovision Hierarchy Format (BVH) animations

Fitman webinar 2015 09-21 Dynamic Visualisation and Interaction (DyVisual)

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