Advanced Management of Virtualized Assets (MoVA)

SE description

The FITMAN Specific Enabler for Manufacturing Asset Management provides VAaaS to customers with basic features for handling both, domain specific ontologies as well as virtualized in-/tangible assets including an intuitive interface with graphical highlights and e. g. drag-and-drop-features. It allows manufacturing Ecosystem participants to dynamically discover and compose services on the fly. All virtualized in-/tangible assets will be characterised by multiple semantic description data, attributes with multiple value sets will be supported. Lots of helpful attribute types are available, that help ICT users to get familiar with the asset descriptions. A hierarchical organisation of the assets will make use of inheritance mechanisms and therefore facilitate the easy maintenance of the semantic descriptions. Data import (USDL-files) from FITMAN repositories and generation of relevant information structures will be done in a semi-automatic way via dedicated APIs. Dynamic discovery is supported in several ways, e. g. by navigation and retrieval: Navigation (browsing) allows the user to use hyperlinks, representing hierarchical and semantic relationships between virtualized in-/tangible assets as well as manually added descriptions. Retrieval allows the definition of data type specific search criteria, including e. g. ranges for numeric values or date and time comparisons. Thereby exact as well as fuzzy search is possible. Retrieval can be done on the basis of all recorded data that have been indexed including full-text search on any textual description. Both, must and can criteria are supported for user specific priorities. Search criteria can be stored and published to build an open search repository. Additional features covered are: wish list, favorites list, VAaaS rating and commenting, as well as negotiation histories. In addition to the graphical user interface a web service interface providing retrieval functionalities will be available.


MoVA is a semantic modelling application for complex information models. Objects and relations can inherit attributes and properties from parent object types. Relations link objects and can have the same attribute types as objects.

Extensions and Plugins

MoVA is easy extendable via a Plugins concept. Therefore a plugin can be placed in the repositories plugins folder. Plugins can provide special functions for example calculations or further improved display formats.


Various retrieval mechanisms enable exact search, fuzzy search and similarity search along the object-relation structures. Value ranges, statistical functions and can/must criteria complete the wide range of retrieval and search options.


MoVa provides a Restful API. Using the Restful API it is possible to communicate with MoVA from external systems. With this functionality it’s possible to use MoVA only as database, while you’re using other systems for managing the data.

Fitman webinar 2015 09-21 Advanced Management of Virtualized Assets (MoVA)

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