Metadata and Ontologies Semantic Matching (SEMA)

SE description

The FITMAN “Metadata and Ontologies Semantic Matching SE” (FITMAN-SeMa) is offered as an installable software which supports users through the provision of an infrastructure that allows the semi-automatic matching of different ontologies (OWL) and of different XML schemas (XSD). The SE attempts to match similar semantic content between two sources, aiming both at the acceleration of interoperation between different IT systems and at the facilitation of data sharing/integration between organizations/departments that utilize different knowledge representations. All functionalities of FITMAN-SeMa are provided through an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface, inside which the proposed matching is visualized and manual alteration and/or completion is available when needed. To achieve efficient semantic matching, various algorithms are used, ranging from context-dependent, fragment-based, and reuse-oriented matching. Generated matchings are persistently stored in a repository for future review and usage.

Achieve semantic interoperability

Semi-automatically match similar concepts originating from different sources (source schema and target schema), facilitating data sharing/integration between different organizations/departments in the manufacturing supply chain.

Obtain common understanding of business knowledge

Perform cross-ontology queries by exporting the ontology matchings in the form of RDF triples, storing them in a remote semantic repository and getting the matching concepts from multiple ontologies with one query.

Run-time support for data transformations

Generate two XSLT files (for right-to-left and left-to-right transformations) for the matching between a source schema and a target schema file, and retrieve them through an API in order to transform at run-time the XML documents that comply with the specific XML Schemas.

Promote acquired results

Register a transformation service in the FITMAN DIPS SE platform, facilitating the usage of a performed matching, while promoting it as a commonly approved solution.

Fitman webinar 2015 09-21 Metadata and Ontologies Semantic Matching (SeMa)

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