Semantic Mediator Front- end Backend (SEMed)

SE description

The FITMAN Semantic Mediator Front- end Backend (SEMed) is a mature middleware layer for semantic, virtual interoperability and integration specifically of item-level product lifecycle data. It facilitates a standards-based access to PLM data, for example through its support for the Open Group QLM Standard Open Messaging Interface (O-MI) and Open Data Format (O-DF). At the same time, it provides semantic interoperability for different kinds of common data sources like databases and file based repositories. It introduces a layer of semantics on top of existing syntactic data structure descriptions to avoid semantic integration conflicts and allows a scalable, efficient and comfortable interoperability of product data across all of the stakeholders and IT systems involved in digital factories.

Achieve semantic interoperability

SEMed enables a strict separation between data and information view including a query mechanism for querying information. The query mechanism provides ontology based query capabilities and aggregates information over different kinds of common data sources like databases and file based repositories

Achieve a robust query interface

SEMed abstracts of the data source specific restrictions and offers a robust query interface. The query interface is robust regarding the varying set of data sources (dynamic data source) and to the internal structural changes of data sources. Each query is executed through SEMed to aggregate information of all available data sources.

Achieve PLM support through O-MI/O-DF interface

SEMed enables the output of information queries in O-MI/O-DF format. This messaging and data format is a standard interface of product lifecycle management tools. Therefore, it enables the forwarding of information of heterogeneous data sources into PLM tools

Achieve a simple integration of data sources in your IT infrastructure

SEMed enables the integration of a data source through providing a data source specific configuration. The configuration represents a self-description and enables the integration at run time.

Fitman webinar 2015 09-21 Semantic Mediator Front- end Backend (SEMed)

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