Unstructured Social Data Analytics (Anlzer)

SE description

The FITMAN “Unstructured Social Data Analytics” Specific Enabler (FITMAN-Anlzer SE) is a web platform that aims to extract unstructured data from selected social media platforms and turn such user-generated content to knowledge to be used for the benefit of any manufacturing stakeholder. Its functionalities indicatively include: the automated data retrieval based on predefined user settings, the filtering and cleaning of relevant information, the application of opinion mining and trend analysis techniques (based on Support Vector Machines) and the presentation of emerging topics, sentiments and trends in intuitive and interactive reports. Upon analyzing the gathered information for every query, the FITMAN-Anlzer SE visualizes the topics identified while providing a trending timeline and the sentiment tag for every topic which has been tracked. The user may also save the queries that have been executed, in order to revisit / review the results whenever needed.

Gain market insights

Understand the customer sentiment as casually expressed in social media platforms by tracking posts and comments regarding a specific brand, product or manufacturing domain and navigating to the results processed with the help of automated sentiment analysis and trend analysis algorithms.

Leverage the power of customizable reports

Dynamically decide for each report you create which keywords, hashtags and accounts are more relevant, which is the reference time period and which additional filters should be applied, prior to visualizing the outcomes.

Find inspiration and detect real-time trends

Explore the “free search” functionality and instantly identify which are the mostly discussed topics in real time, discover new - previously unseen - concepts and follow their progress in time in order to decide whether to systematically track them.

Compare results in time

Store the reports that contain valuable insights, easily access them whenever needed and review their results in order to monitor and compare how specific trends change over time.

Fitman webinar 2015 06-16 Unstructured Social Data Analytics (Anlzer)

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