FIWARE Architectures for Industry 4.0

One of the main objectives of the FITMAN project was to assess the suitability, openness and flexibility of FIWARE Generic Enablers in the context of manufacturing. To this goal, in FITMAN we first selected a subset of GEs from the FIWARE Core Platform. This selection process was based on functional requirements coming from the ten FITMAN industrial Trials, and on a careful technical assessment of the GE’s Open Specifications as available at the time – i.e., April/December 2013. A preliminary experimentation of the existing reference implementations (installation, configuration, UI/API walkthrough) also contributed to the selection criteria. The final result of this process was a portfolio of 26 GEs, identified as the FIWARE Generic Enabler final selection for FITMAN.
In parallel, a massive design and development task was run in order to bridge the gap still existing between FITMAN Trial’s requirements and what the FIWARE building blocks were providing in terms of functionality. In the end, this meant creating eight new software assets – either from scratch or through modification of existing software contributed by consortium partners – which, while still generic enough to support a wide range of use cases, are more specific to FITMAN’s manufacturing scenarios. These higher-level components are now known as FITMAN Specific Enablers (SE), and are one of the most tangible results of the FITMAN project (see the Lab section on this site for more information on FITMAN SEs).

In order to merge these two threads into reusable assets, three FITMAN Reference Architectures were designed by assembling some of these building blocks (GEs + SEs) into "baseline platforms", each one targeted at a specific manufacturing domain as envisioned by the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) – i.e., Smart Factory, Digital Factory, Virtual Factory. Each baseline platform is aimed at fulfilling a series of generic requirements that are intrinsic to its domain and, as the name implies, is intended as the baseline for more targeted ICT platforms to be custom-built in specific environments. Finally, a fourth Reference Architecture - called Industrial IoT - has been devised as synthesis and extension of the previous three, taking into account new knowledge gathered on the field during the integration and experimentation of some of FITMAN's largest Trial Platforms.